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Upcoming Appearances


January 25-26 - Private Consultations - Northeast U.S.

February 3-8 - North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) - Orlando, FL

February 25-26 - Midwest Veterinary Conference / Ohio Veterinary Medical Association - Keynote Address - Columbus, OH

March 22-23 - Global Pet Expo - Orlando, FL

April 8 - North Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians Spring Conference - Raleigh, NC

April 12-14 - National Veterinary Associates (NVA) Annual Conference - Louisville, KY

April 17-18 - K9 Fit Club Meetings - Chicago, IL

April 25-27 - Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Conference - Troy, MI

April 28-30 - Veterinary Innovation Summit - College Station, TX

May 3-7 - Companion Animal Nutrition Annual Summit - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

May 10-11 - Private Consultations - Nashville, TN

May 20 - Central Veterinary Conference (CVC) - Virginia Beach, VA

June 3-4 - REVET Conference - Lisboa, Portugal

June 16-18 - The Violets (band) recording session - Atlanta, GA

June 19-July 7 - Rejuvenation Session - Undisclosed

July 12-14 - Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Annual Conference - Prince Edward Island, Canada

August 10-12 - Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Annual Conference (Human Obesity) - New Orleans, LA

August 13-15 - 42nd Annual Peter Piper Annual Veterinary Conference - Sanibel Island, FL

August 25 - Central Veterinary Conference (CVC) - Kansas City, MO

September 12-13 - Banfield Summit - Portland, OR

September 17 - TVC (The Veterinary Cooperative) Meeting - Atlanta, GA

September 22-24 - Southwest Veterinary Symposium (SWVS) - San Antonio, TX

October 4 - Chicagoland Veterinary Management Conference (CVMG) - Chicago, IL

October 18-20 - National Veterinary Conference - Moscow, Russia

November 8-13 - Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) - Barcelona, Spain

December 9 - Central Veterinary Conference (CVC) - San Diego, CA

Sample Speaking Topics

Refueling the Energy Slump:
Principle-centered Motivation

Motivating people requires lots of energy. Encouraging positive attitudes, creativity, and exceptional client service and patient care demands constant input and focus from practice leaders. If we want sustainable growth and happiness, we must be guided by our core principles and beliefs. Our principles are used to navigate life’s challenges and remind us why we work hard. The real test is if you can survive the trails and tribulations of practice life with your core beliefs intact. To help retain your principles, reach your potential, and motivate and energize your team, Dr. Ward shares eight energy injections to resuscitate the power in your practice. 

5 Physical Exam Hacks to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy and Communication Effectiveness

The physical exam is the foundation of veterinary medicine and is perhaps the most important service we provide for our patients. Sadly, the physical examination is becoming a lost art as high-tech replaces touch, feel, and talk. Dr. Ward reveals why the physical examination is more important than ever and five hacks to improve and enhance your hospital’s expertise and compliance.  

Inflammation is the New Obesity

I’ve been studying and working on pet and human obesity for nearly twenty years. During that time I’ve witnessed the obesity discussion evolve from “fat is funny” to “fat is deadly” to “fat is boring.” People ignore warnings about obesity the same way they disregarded that smoking was deadly for decades. Deep down most folks know being overweight or having a portly pet is unhealthy; they just don’t think it will happen to them. Psychologists call this phenomenon of believing you or your pet is at less risk for harm “optimism bias.” It’s a necessary coping mechanism that allows us to get through our days without succumbing to a Woody Allen movie neurotic crisis. It also gets in the way of change. Maybe it’s time we change how we talk about obesity. 

5 Medical Conditions you Must Know to Provide Exceptional Care

Veterinary nurses are vital in educating clients on proper pet care. The better we educate pet owners, the better care they provide for their pets and the happier they are with our services. Understanding the common medical conditions we face every day is the foundation for outstanding client service and patient care. Dr. Ernie Ward will review the basic medical knowledge of five major medical conditions every veterinary technician and team member must fully comprehend and be able to effectively communicate with pet owners to provide the best service. This session will also discuss fundamental client communication skills to enhance your delivery of complex medical concepts for clients.    



It’s baffling to comprehend how a sniffling kitten in your clinic could contribute to killing an extra 10 million people every year by 2050. Yet that’s exactly what’s at stake according to the World Health Organization (WHO), World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR), and nearly every government on the planet. The recently discovered MCR-1 gene, a mutation capable of creating bacteria resistance from our most powerful antibiotics, has spread from China to the United States, U.K., Europe and beyond.  If the experts are correct, we could be facing an antibiotic Armageddon in 20 to 30 years. So what’s this got to do with the snotty-nosed kitten you’re examining? Everything. Join Dr. Ward as he reviews the origins of antimicrobial resistance, strategies for antibiotic stewardship, and tips for dealing with demanding clients and confused coworkers.

Train as a Team: Tips for Positive Learning

Our clinic’s success rests squarely on the abilities of our staff. Yet too often we fail to provide our teams with the tools and skills necessary to attain success. Whether you need to radically reinvent your practice culture due to economic pressures, or you simply want to improve your standards of care, change can present a challenge for many veterinarians. This session will address creating a staff-training program that encourages adaptability, flexibility, and embraces change in a positive manner.

Bad Things Good Teams Say: How to avoid tiny comments that wind up making big trouble for you

It happens. Every team member makes communication blunders that cause big trouble with clients occasionally. The problem is we may be making more communication mistakes than we realize, costing us dearly with compliance, care, and loyalty. This session will review some of the most frequent comments that create the biggest headaches. You may discover you’re using these phrases or tactics more often than you’d like. This session will help make great teams even greater communicators. 

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